Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eve Online: 170,120,431 Jumps To Your Destination

Ever been in a wormhole and set your destination to somewhere in known space? As you may guess it doesn't work. There are no star gates or jump bridges that can help you get back to your home, only wormholes. The act of doing so confuses your intergalactic GPS navigation telling you that you have a few million jumps to go.

After a week of shopping for a wormhole we finally found one worth moving into. We ended up settling on a C3 with a static high sec. We initially wanted a C2 with a static high and another wormhole static so we could regularly go raid other people's wormholes, but we couldn't find one that fit most of our corps needs for the right price. We wanted to make sure that it was difficult enough for most of our members to run sites solo, but not impossible.  The system needed to have decent PI available for people to make extra income on the side.

A few of our members have been scanning for the last week to try and find us a new home without any luck. Most of the wormholes we found that we liked were already occupied and we didn't want to have to evict anyone (although that would have been fun). I had also been monitoring  for any deals out there being offered. Wormhole sales is a site that people can buy and sell wormholes in Eve Online with. "Wormhole Sales" also has a chat channel in Eve that I joined to inquire and negotiate about potential wormholes I was interested in. For the first days I wasn't making a lot of headway to securing myself a wormhole, but I was committed to finding our corporation a wormhole, otherwise I feared our core membership was going to start logging off, and not come back.

Wormhole Sales offers a 3rd party service to buyers and sellers of wormholes. The general idea is that someone "Seller" has the location of an empty wormhole and they want to sell it, they advertise their wormhole, the on their site, and people can inquire about it. A buyer then contacts one of the "brokers" who will then charge 10% of the sale price of the wormhole to make sure that neither the buyer or the seller gets screwed on the deal. Once I was able to get in touch with a broker, I was very pleased with the service. A quick shout out to Redslay for the solid service he provided. I would definitely use these services again if I go shopping for a wormhole.

We've got our Large Amarr Tower set up now, plenty of guns, EWAR, and a few shield hardeners to hopefully be able to put up a good fight. Only one member of our corp has Starbase Defense Management, so if someone came and attacked us right now, we'd have to hope that the random target selection by the POS would be sufficient (not likely). I've got another week to train Anchoring V to be able to help with the POS defenses, until then I just hope we don't get attacked.

Since we've moved into the wormhole a few of our members that left our corp have returned, our core members are logging on more often, and there seems to be a renewed sense of cooperation and teamwork. For now I think our corporation will survive, as long as we keep having fun and earning ISK in the wormhole and other means, I think we'll be alright.

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