Monday, September 23, 2013

Eve Online: Is this the end?

Our corporation has finally hit that major crossroad that will determine our fate going forward. Most of our directors have left to join other groups, or just left Eve altogether. The CEO resigned yesterday and appointed me the new CEO. We're falling apart at the seams.

No real drama happened to bring us to this point. No fighting within the corporation, nothing crazy and controversial. The biggest thing that happened was inactivity in my opinion. Now I'm left standing alone staring at a corporation of 48 members, most of them inactive, plus probably a few billion in corp assets scattered all across New Eden.

This week I plan to fly around and start gathering up all my personal assets and corp assets and put them in one location to see what I've got. I may even create a bunch of courier contracts and hope that someone picks them up and relocates all my stuff for me rather than spend an entire day flying around.

(Do people even do courier contracts?) 

I am going to be tearing down the POS in the wormhole this week as well. I've already told everyone to grab their stuff and get it out. I'm not going to pay for the fuel on a POS when nobody ever logs in, and when they do, they don't even go into the wormhole. A lot of our members keep saying "Lets do some PvP", but all they ever do is whine, complain, or do some PvE. When they do PvP, they fly out in very expensive ships, get them blown up, and then rage quit for a few days.

It's a shame to waste a C3 with a high sec exit, but I don't have a choice. I'll probably put the wormhole back up for sale at in the next few days. Let me know if you're interested, if you ask here on my blog, I'll give you a discount over what I'll be asking for on the sale forum.

I don't know where to go from here, or even if I want to carry on with Eve. Real life keeps finding a way of taking more and more of my time, and I find myself logging in less and less often.

Stay tuned for more details...


  1. Staying or going is your choice of course. If life calls life calls.

    However look over your own words. See the frustration with your corp and your determination to be productive.

    Find a new corp my dear. You are miserable. Corp loyalty burns people out as fast as anything else. Sometimes you are not in the right place and you have sounded ill placed for some time now. I'm not surprised the candle is burning low.

    And yes people do do couriers. Or hire pushx and red frog for high sec.

    1. Thanks Sugar. I have been ill placed for some time now. I just kept trying over and over again to help our corp stay alive, but I think it's inevitable now.

      Thanks for the tip on Pushx and Red Frog. I'll look them up.

      Once the dust settles I think I'll be finding a new home before giving up Eve altogether. It'll be nice to not worry about being in charge and making other people happy for a while.


    2. Yes. In Eve there are many homes and hundreds of places to be. You received a wormhole offer a few weeks ago. I think that you will enjoy finding something new and spending some you time.

      Is this not a fascinating game where we burn out from responsibilities and people management?


      Only Eve leaves us lamenting in such ways.

  2. Sugar is right. Loyalty is a good thing in general, but not if it makes you miserable for no reason. I had make that mistake myself, keeping the faith into an alliance even long after all sensible people had moved on - I almost quit.

    Just for completeness sake, I want to mention that you could put a minimally skilled alt of yours in place as figurehead of your current corp, if you feel responsible towards its current assets or members (think 'bankruptcy executor'). But personally it sounds to me a that a clean cut would be the better choice for you.

  3. Our door is open:

    Sorry to hear it's fallen apart, it's always a bit dispiriting when that happens. If you need to take a break keep the skill queues ticking over, Eve is a great game to go away from and come back to with a better skillset.

    1. I'm highly considering your offer. I'm going to see how the rest of the week plays out, and as much as I like flying with the guys I'm with, I think I need a change. I'll be in touch.

    2. Well if you give us a try and like it you can vouch your friends in. If not we won't mind you trying us then moving on.

  4. I understand what you're going through, having gone through it once already (and in the same sort of place at the moment). Rather than disbanding the corp, do what Druur suggested. Keep the corp alive. You never know when you might need it again.

    Take a break from the game. Go play whatever games you like playing that aren't EvE. Watch some movies, even (gasp) read a book. Take the time away from the game to discover what about EvE is fun for you - not what's "supposed" to be fun, not what others say is fun, but what you actually want to do - and then look for a group that offers whatever it is you've decided on. I used to think I "had" to go to null, but after 3 tries, I'm not sure sov null is for me (or it sure wasn't in the groups I was in, anyway). I'm back in highsec/w-space with our small corp and at least I'm not considering leaving EvE. Given enough time, I may even get excited about the game again, and I hope you will, too, if you stick around (and find the right group).