Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eve Online: Winter 2013 Expansion Wish List

CCP recently announced they will be giving us a taste of things to come in a live stream on September 26th, at 20:00 Eve Time on Twitch TV.

I've been trying to think about a wish list or if I could have it my way list of items that I would love to see, and it's hard for me to wrap my brain around all of New Eden at the same time.

Most of these ideas have NOT been well thought through, I'm just throwing them out there. 

  • Saved Ship Fittings / Auto Buy in Station
    • Basically if you save a fitting, you could have an option to "Buy Fitting" from any outpost. All the modules available in the station will be bought at the same time and placed in your inventory.
    • A pop up window could open and say "Fitting will cost XXXX from this station" , and show how much above or below market price % you will be paying for the fit. 

  • Too early to ask for Advanced Infomorph Synchronizing? 
    • If you've training Infomorph Synchronizing to level V, you can then train the advanced version, and knock off an additional hour per skill level to jump clone times.

  • Drones being capable of targeting yourself?
    • I know this one could have too big of impacts to allow. But if Logistic Drones (or any other drones for that matter) could be set to target yourself, it could be interesting. They are my drones after all, I should be able to tell them to target whoever I want. 

  • Allow Null Sec Infrastructure Upgrades be allowed to be captured
    • If I've spent 3 billion ISK to upgrade a system I live in, and someone comes and takes that system away from me, all those upgrades are gone. I recently read a good analogy why this doesn't make sense. Throughout history (and in modern times) , an invading army would often invade to gain the resources of that land. They had the option to just destroy the existing resources, but they could also just take them and keep them as well. 
    • Maybe you have to bring the shields or armor down on the I-Hub to a certain level, and a percentage of the upgrades get destroyed in the process once you assume control, but not all of them. 

  • Change out strategic cruiser subsystems at a POS
    • I know this has been on the books for a while, but it'd be nice to find a way to swap out subsystems from a POS. 

  • Increase the % that killing someone with a bounty pays out
    • Currently there is a formula for how much of a bounty a person collects when they kill someone that has an active bounty on their heads. I'd like to see the % increased by 5-10% if possible. 

  • Allow Bombs in High Sec and Low Sec, but have it be a Concord offense?
    • What would happen if stealth bombers "could" launch bombs in high sec and low sec, although doing so would be punishable by Concord? Would anyone actual launch a bomb knowing full well that they would be popped by Concord in high sec or have a security hit in Low Sec, even if they didn't hit anything?

Maybe all these ideas are crap, and none of them should take place. They are merely the ramblings of a noob and should be treated as such. 

Do you have any items on your wishlist that you would love to see CCP add or change?


  1. 1. Yes, would be great.
    2. Nope. There is a reason for keeping the bonus at 5 hours. Nullsec allies would be even more mobile if you increase it to 10 hours.
    3. Undecided
    4. Maybe not capture the HUB, but gaining some plunder for destroying it. HUBs are NPC sold I think and therefor an ISK sink.
    5. Will probably happen.
    6. Very careful with this or people will start claiming their own bounty some way, making the bounty system as useless as it was before the change.
    7. Two Words: Jita Undock. A one shot bomber is way cheaper than a smarty bs.

    1. Ooo.. I didn't even think about the Jita Undock. You're very right that a few stealth bombers all launching bombs would be drastically cheaper than a Smartbomb battleship.

      I retract the bombs in high sec idea. :)

  2. According to Two-Step, the reason we haven't yet had Tech 3 subsystem swaps in POSes has been the requirement for a session change to happen in order for the reconfiguration to be recognized, and that's a major hassle to code.