Friday, August 30, 2013

Eve Online: Wormhole Shopping

I'm not sure how many people from my corp will be joining me, but I've decided that I'm going to move back into a wormhole. I used to live in a wormhole for a month or two early in my Eve Career, and I've decided it's time to move back. I've been tossing around what class of wormhole, what static's I want, and what wormhole effects I'd be willing to live in.

If you've never lived in a wormhole the entire mechanics of the game can drastically change if you're not prepared. 

The first noticeable difference when you enter a wormhole is there is no local chat channel. You are unable to see how many people are in the system. Local chat still shows up, but you can't tell if anyone is there or not. It is HIGHLY recommended that you do NOT chat in local, because once you talk in local, everyone in the system will know you are there, and be able to plan accordingly. Stealth is your greatest asset in wormhole space.

DSCAN DSCAN DSCAN: You need to have Dscan up and constantly scanning when you live in a wormhole. Failure to do so will ultimately end with your death.

The second difference you may or may not initially notice is a message saying that strange effects may be present in this system. If you don't know what you're looking for, you may not know that your ship just became highly ineffective the way you fit it. Check out this site  for detailed information on wormhole effects.
Your resists can go up or down, range up or down, speed and signature radius drastically changed, damage changes, etc. You need to know what you're getting yourself into, or kiss your ship goodbye because I guarantee you that if anyone is living in that wormhole they are prepared accordingly.  Proper planning is always important, but with wormhole combat it's twice as important.

Planetary Interaction (PI) is amazing in wormhole space. If you find the right system, you can be swimming in ISK quickly.

Sleepers are the NPC to shoot at, and if you don't know anything about sleepers then you may find yourself sitting in your pod before you even know what hit you. Sleepers are the most aggressive, hard hitting, omni-tank, omni-damage, badasses of the galaxy. If you stumble across a few sleepers in a site and think "Oh, there's only 6 of them, I got this", and you've never faced sleepers before, get ready to be webbed, scrammed, and have to tank a TON of damage. If you live, the salvage and loot from sleepers is extremely high in value, but you won't get any bounties from them.

Each wormhole comes on a classification from C1-C6. The higher the number the higher the difficulty to live in. Also, the higher the class of the wormhole the actual wormhole itself changes. I don't have all the details memorized, you can read here for more, but wormholes have a specific amount of time they stay open and a certain amount of mass that can pass through them before they collapse. For example, a brand new wormhole may have a life of 24 hours and 20,000,000 m3 of mass that can pass through it before it disappears, whichever happens first. They also have a per ship limit of how much mass can pass through them, based on the wormhole classification. I believe that Battleships cannot pass through a C1 or C2 wormhole, but they can with C3-C6. Capital ships cannot pass through anything smaller than a C5 or C6 I believe, but they might be able to enter some C4's.

Every wormhole will also always has have static entrances to and from itself. A static hole is a type of wormhole that will always be connected to your wormhole. For example, I may live in in a C3 wormhole and my wormhole has a static to highsec. This means at any given point my wormhole is currently connected to high sec space. If that wormhole collapses, another will immediately spawn in the wormhole to another high sec system. Wormholes can also have static's to another wormhole class. If I live in a C3 wormhole, and have a C1 static, that means that I will always be connected to a C1 wormhole, when that wormhole collapses, another will immediately spawn to another C1.

Having a high sec static is nice for being able to move stuff quickly in and out of your system, BUT it also means you will have a lot more traffic in your wormhole. In my opinion the best static to have is to a C1-C3, so that you are only typically one jump away from known space. I'm currently shopping for a C2 or C3 wormhole, with a static to C1-C3.

I've recently been directed to use this website to help me shop for a wormhole. You can scan for weeks and not find an empty wormhole, and this site allows you to buy the location off of someone that has already scanned it down. They use 3rd party brokers, to help ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

I'll update more as soon as I move in. Cheers!


  1. Want to join our corp?

    We recently left Test. We're going to be renting in Dronelands. We'll also be doing low sec pvp, mostly frigates in the short term building up to nullsec roams nano, sniping bombers etc.

    The idea is to have a relaxed environment where people can do what they want. You can rat if you fancy that while the rest of us are on an op. But if you do come on the op we'll be trying quite hard to be effective, eg asking you to fly specific fits, talking about tactics before and after the op etc.

    1. Thanks for the offer. Looks like we're going to be ok for now in the wormhole we just got. If things fall apart I'll definitely keep you in mind if the offer still stands.