Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eve Online: Relocating our home

We are currently living in Catch, and due to recent turmoil, politics, and I'm sure dozens of other things, Initiative has decided that they are going to be moving their efforts to some place else. They aren't giving their systems away to anyone in particular but in a few weeks they will stop protecting many of them. We were told to pretty much pack up our stuff and move it to a safe place, because our system and the systems of all the other renters would no longer be protected.

I'm guessing that wherever their new interest is leading them will cause them to be stretched too thin to have to worry about protecting all their systems in Catch. This sucks for us, because we've just spent a few billion ISK upgrading our system with infrastructure upgrades. Now those upgrades are useless to us. 

Over the course of the last week, our corp has painstakingly moved all of our assets out of our system and into high sec. We've started asking around to other alliances regarding rental options, and what the details of those contracts look like.  

We're not set on leaving Initiative but we're not set on staying either, which presents us with a good opportunity to shop around. Our corporation has 54 members about 35 of which are highly active. We have a mix of PvE, PvP and Industry pilots in our corp. So far for the month of August, we've killed over 225 enemy ships. It's not a lot, but we're just now starting to get into it. A few capital pilots but mostly sub-caps. 

If you and your alliance provide rental agreements to corporations please let me know and I'll be in touch.

Another option since we are starting to get more and more involved with PvP is to join up with an alliance and help provide security and participate in CTA's so much so that we reduce or eliminate our rental fee. 


  1. Gotta provide that contact info for folks to contact ya :)

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  2. My advice is rent off Nulli or PL.

    CFC have just announced a rental programme but there's much rage and a high chance of awoxing by blues who hate the idea of Goons renting after saying for years it was lame.

    Alternatively, if you want to stay where you are contact Darkness. about renting from them once they've taken the space although that would be less secure.