Friday, August 23, 2013

Eve Online: Cinderella

I'm grew up in the 80's and Cinderella said it best "You Don't Know What You Got, Till It's Gone"

Our corporation recently left the Alliance we were a part of and joined a new alliance on the other side of the map. We used to be living in Catch, which is Sansha space, and through the use of jump bridges we were only 3 jumps from High Sec, but we actually lived about 15 jumps from high. In our downtime we could dock at our station, run anomalies in system or nearby systems, go ratting on the belts, and transport any loot we earned easily to high sec with limited logistics needs. 

Now we live in Rogue Drone space, NPC's don't drop any loot, we're about 40 jumps from high sec, the systems our alliance owns don't have any outposts, we've been told to NOT go ratting in the systems that aren't ours (even though they belong to allies of our alliance), and people are charging between 500-1000 isk per m3 to transport stuff out to our region. 

Oh, and to top it all off a lot of the alliance members frequently begin and end their sentences with racial slurs or hate speech, which I refuse to continue to deal with. Sugar recently posted an article on this , and I think she captures the problem well. 

We've lost about 10-12 members of our corp in the last week or two, because they don't agree with the move. I'm on the board of directors and I don't agree with the move, but I'm giving it a few weeks to see if things get better. If things don't change I already know what my backup plan is. 

Our Alliance is blue to another alliance that owns some space back in the area we just moved from, only a few jumps from where all my stuff is staged in high sec. If things go south, I'll be moving me and 3-4 other members from our corp to that system to get some small gang pvp action, perhaps even joining the alliance that owns that region that I do like. 

We weren't looking to leave our old alliance, but our old alliance was abandoning the region we lived in, and that system wasn't safe for us anymore. 

I've got two toons, and for now I'm playing in our old region with one toon, staging my other in the new region with the bare essentials and if things start to go south, I'll be moving out. 

PS. In my opinion Rogue Drone space is horrible. Some people may like it, but if you enjoy doing a little PvE action when there is no PvP going on, then I don't recommend living in Drone space. 


  1. I used to live in Rogue Drone space and the system we rented and made our home in easily made billions in ratting income. Transport in and out is/was a pain (unless you have carrier/JF pilots in corp, which we did, thankfully). Not sure which alliance you went with, but they sound horrible. Then again, we never interacted with our alliance much when we were out there - being a renter alliance, there wasn't much point. What we did, though, was to make connections with some of the more active corps in our area, and that worked out pretty well.

    We, too, had the same ratting restrictions, but we made deals with our neighbours when needed and ratted the unclaimed space to a fare-thee-well.

    Honestly, it sounds like you should move, right away, if you are as unhappy as you say. The fact that the move was so divisive you lost a large group of folks was probably a sign, alas.

    Hope it works out better, faster.

    1. I left the region. I haven't left the alliance or my corporation but I'm done with them.

  2. Have you considered asking -A- if you can rent your old system?

    1. Our CEO reached out to them just out of curiosity and their are asking almost double the rent that Initiative was asking. We got spoiled living in Catch, having Sansha to rat with. It's all good though, we will adapt and thrive eventually.

  3. Your link to Sugar's article is a duplicate of your link to Wikipedia. I'd like to read that article, your one sentence teaser made it sound interesting, could you fix the link please?

    1. Thanks I'll update the link right now. Here is the link to the article.