Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eve Online: Stealth Bomber

About a week or so ago I was finally able to sit in my first T2 ship, and it felt good. It's the first thing I am able to fly that not everyone in the game is able to. That's the beauty of Eve, there are so many paths and potential choices.  Being able to sit in a ship, no matter if it's a T1 or T2, frigate or battleship doesn't mean that you can fly it the way it was intended. Since day one playing Eve, the people that I interact with and the blogs I read all have the same general opinion that just because you CAN fly something, doesn't mean that you should. I can fly T1 destroyers, battle-cruisers, and battleships decently, but I can fly T1 frigates really well and a few T2 frigates really well.

My first big skill project was to get myself into a T2 Stealth Bomber. I saw the number of skills that I needed to train to get into it, saw the minimum skills to fit it and decided it was something that I wouldn't have to wait terribly long to enjoy. I was wrong though. I got into the ship and installed the basic fittings with only the bare minimum training needed and it was pathetic. A one week old noob with a T1 frigate with basic T1 guns would walk all over me in a fight.  That being said, I saw serious potential given just a little more training. I am currently training all related missile skills to level 4 and then I will likely push a few skills to level 5. Right now only I'm only planning on training Covert Ops and Torpedoes to level 5 since Covert Ops will give me an additional 15% per level to damage, and Torpedoes will give me an additional 5% per level to damage, plus Torpedo 5 opens up T2 launchers and ammo. I'll worry about if I want to train any additional skills to level 5 later, but for now I'm hoping this will be sufficient. If it's not, then I'll get blown up and learn my lesson and take more time training.

Stealth bombers are most effective when they are in a group of 5 or more. In Low Sec and High sec, your only weapon will be your torpedoes, which hit really hard the larger the ship you're attacking, if you torpedoes hit a frigate, they barely scratch them. However in null sec you can execute bombing runs and start to do some SERIOUS damage if done right. I can't wait to test this out. We've got about 5-6 guys that can SIT in a stealth bomber right now, but most of them can't even use torpedoes yet so it will still be a few weeks before we try out some bomber roams through null sec or low sec.

Part of me wants to just put my stealth bomber training on hold until the corp is ready to commit to it, because if I'm the only one that effectively fly and fit one then I'm not sure it's really worth it right now. I've still got to finish Hull Upgrades V and finish my Core Standard Certificate. I may end up pausing my stealth bomber training to finish those first, but I'm not sure.

When the time comes that we do try out our first bombing run, I'll make sure to update and let everyone know.

EDIT: Please my more recent thread for additional info.

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