Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Eve Online: Adventure

Ok, I've been writing blogs trying to give advice or at least insight into the world of Eve as I understand it. I thought I'd take a moment to just write about one of my adventures.

Two days ago I joined the chat room Bombers Bar. I've been training up and prepping my stealth bomber skills but hadn't had a chance to try them out yet. I've read all over the place how solo'ing in a stealth bomber can be done, but groups are way more effective. Nobody else in my corp is ready to do runs yet, but they will be in a few more days.

So, first off I traveled to the system where everyone was meeting up, Agil was the name. Agil is a high sec system, and four jumps from null sec, and you don't have to go through low sec to get to null sec. It's also the closet station to the null sec system so it's also a fairly popular hub.

I end up joining up with a mostly noob fleet of bomber pilots, about 8-10 of us, maybe one or two veterans. We head to the designated system and notice a hurricane flying around the gate, coming and going, warping to various safe spots around the gate. Even for this noob, this guy clearly looks like he's trying to be bait, or at least just looking for a fight. Two of us are in position quickly and able to make a run on him, we get him down to about 90% armor I think but didn't follow through with the kill. He starts yelling in local to come back and fight. We try to coordinate some more so the next time we can hit him harder. For whatever stupid reason we try again and he ends up destroying three of us with little effort, but I manage to get away.

I personally decide that I'm done attacking this hurricane and the group decides to try and search the belts for anyone ratting. We search around for about 30 minutes and can't find anyone suitable to bomb. We head back to the gate where the hurricane was and there's a faction issue stabber there now, but then warps off to another gate. We set up a bubble between the other gate and our gate hoping to catch him if he comes back. Sure enough, two minutes later he comes back and gets caught in the bubble. I align, uncloak and launch a bomb and then target to try and make sure I can finish him off with torpedoes if needed. All I remember is uncloaking and then sitting in my pod. I don't think I ever got the bomb off much less any torpedoes. The stabber alpha'd me so quick I didn't even know my name.

I left, refitted another ship and plan to go and try again this weekend, but my first attempt was a horrible failure. The one good thing I did learn from the whole experience is how to launch my bombs, and ensure they go where I want them to go (much easier said than done). Hopefully I'll have more luck this weekend.

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