Friday, May 17, 2013

Eve Online: Death to Ninjas

I've am sick of Ninja Salvagers!

We've already suicide ganked two of them that attempt to fly into our room when our fleet is running level 4 missions, and we plan to continue to destroy anyone that thinks it's a great idea to steal someone else's hard work. On one of them we managed to loot 50-60 million off his wreck because he was carrying a Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher and all the Sisters probes, plus a bunch of other loot he'd likely already stolen.

I see the same scumbag every day mining on the asteroid belts and occasionally he decides he's going to scan down people running missions and steal the salvage. Occasionally he gets brave and steals the loot and gets the suspect flag, which we have caught him once doing this too and warp scrammed him, destroyed his ship, and almost podded him. Oooh how I would love to pull his frozen corpse out of space and then parade it around him.

He gets so upset whenever we kill him, like he doesn't understand that what he is doing is wrong. He keeps saying "You guys are wasting your ships killing me, because Concord just kills you for doing it" to which we reply "As long as you keep dropping 20-50 million in loot when we kill you, you are financing our ganking ships just fine, we haven't lost a dime yet". I hope I can catch him in his Gnosis and suicide gank his pretty anniversary ship, just so I can harvest his tears.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a griefer in general. I play nice with most people in the sandbox and don't go around suicide ganking people for profit or tears. I only make it a point to get back at those that in my opinion deserve it.  I only have 5 legitimate kills in my combat history, and probably about 30-40 losses to various reasons.

That being said, I may covert stalk him tonight with a small fleet of stealth bombers. We'll only be using torpedoes since we're in high sec, but I'm at almost 300 dps with just my torpedoes now. I won't suicide gank him with it, but I can covert ops cloak and follow him around until he gets brave and gets his suspect flag, scram/web him, and see if we can pop his pod as well. Plus it will give our corp the practice at tracking down someone in our system. I'll just take off my bomb launcher and add the sisters probe launcher and get some hunting practice.  If he doesn't get brave and decides to just ninja salvage I'll stay with him while a few of us go grab some ganking ships (financed by him) and continue to remind him that we'll keep killing him if he keeps salvaging other people's stuff.

If we catch him tonight I'll make sure to post the killmail here tomorrow. Here's to hoping he is sitting in his Gnosis when we pop him!

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  1. Add Contact, Add Contact to watchlist. You will now get a notification when he logs on.

    Use Location Service from mission agents to find which system he's in.

    Use a neutral alt (maybe with no skill points) to follow him about. If you're lucky you'll find his POS.

    Wardec, melt his stuff, harvest tears.