Monday, May 20, 2013

Eve Online: DED Complexes

I decided to spend my time yesterday scanning and looking for Radar Sites and Mag Sites. On my very first scan down I locate a Serpentis Phi Outpost. I figure it's probably just another one of those typical ratting sites, but just in case I decide to look it up online at eve survival to see what kind of site I'm in for. Turns out it's a site commonly referred to as a DED complex. DED complexes have a difficultly scale from 1/10 to 10/10, the higher the number the better and more difficult the site. and this one turned out to be a 4/10 site. DED complexes can pay out a LOT of ISK and according to eve survival there could be up to 6 faction mods dropped in this site.

I also notice that this site will only allow ships battlecruiser size and smaller so I return to my station, dock my helios and realize I don't have any battlecruisers fitted and ready to go. Since we're moving this Saturday to null sec, I have been packaging and staging everything I plan to move with me. I quickly assemble a Brutix and blaster fit it as fast as possible. This takes me about 3-5 minutes since I've got all the mods I need already in my hangar. I undock and make the jump to the adjoining system to run the site.

I arrive at the acceleration gate and jump through to see dozens of yellow wrecks everywhere. Damnit, someone else has already run this site. I don't see anyone else around, but there's another acceleration gate. I decide that I'll go ahead and slow boat over to the gate 30k away "just in case" whoever was running the site couldn't handle it or whatever. I jump into the next room and there is 1 Serpentis ship left alive! And it's the overseer that will drop the faction mods once he's killed. There is also a player in the room in a drake closing the distance to the overseer as well and clearing the room. I change to iron ammo to add a little distance and start booking it towards the rat and opening fire. I'm not a thief so I won't steal this guy's loot, BUT if I'm the one that gets the killing blow, then it would be my wreck and my loot.

Together we reduce the battleship to space dust in about a minute and I'm right on top of the wreck at this point and the drake is still about 20k away. Alas the ship wreck turns yellow when it dies so I'd have to steal his loot if I wanted to keep it. I decide to open the wreckage anyways just to see what is inside. Turns out it's about 3 faction mods worth about 21 million ISK. I decide it's not worth it to try and steal it, the drake character is from 2007 is within 15k at this point and I don't know if he's able to warp scram me or not or how that fight would pan out. My Brutix is worth much more than the 21 million.  I decide I'll leave the loot for him and call it a day.

Looking back on that moment I'm not sure if I did the right thing or not. I know I did the "right" thing in the moral sense but this is Eve. I'm not sure I made the right choice to leave the loot. I did help with killing the ship, but didn't get the final blow. I hate "Ninja Salvagers" and didn't want to be a hypocrite either. What do you think, should I have taken the 21 million in faction mods or did I do the "right" thing?

Also, I hate that acceleration gates restrict what types of ships can jump into an area and then when you jump in you see enemy ships bigger than are allowed through the gate. For example, only battlecruisers and smaller were allowed to use the gate, but there were Battleships everywhere in the room. How'd they get in there? If they are going to restrict the type of ships in an area, it should apply to both the NPCs and the players in my opinion.


  1. In high sec? Yes I'd take it. Most pve fit Drakes aren't very dangerous and the brutix has a ferocious reputation.

    But I'd be taking it because I wanted the fight not because it was a good way to get 21m.

  2. Rarely will they gave a point on them. Plus you have speed on your side.

    I felt the same way until I was chased out of one to many complexes. Now I steal and fight. Its s slow change but I know I got tired of being the victim/loser.

    Also, you are the one who decided what a right and wrong for you. Peoples morals flex to fit themselves. They will stand on their soapbox of I don't do X Y and Z and turn around and hire someone to do it for them.

    Your game. Your decisions. Its a hard lesson to learn sometimes.

  3. The longer I set on this the more I wish I would have just taken the loot. Not for the 21 million ISK, I could care less about that, but because in Eve it's first come first served. He may have found the site moments before me, but that doesn't mean it's not mine for the taking. I didn't know the guy and will probably never see him again. Next time there won't be any hesitation.

  4. Thats the attitude, I'm going to locate you and suicide gank you with my alt for being a pubbie twat.

    1. LOL. Bring it. My attitude is much different since last month on the whole issue. Living in Null sec has taught me a lot of lessons.


  5. Perhaps a fleet of you - or dual boxing somthing like a spider tanked domi or ishtar etc