Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eve Online: Temporary Corporation Member

Two days ago I received an application to join our corporation, and even though we have an advert out right now to help boost our numbers, every application is screened as much as possible. Our new members have very limited access to any of our important assets, a few dozen frigates, destroyers, and cruisers in a corporation ship hangar, some extra ammo and mods and that's about all new members have the ability to access.

This new applicant was currently in TEST and has been away for 3-4 months due to health issues. He logged back on and noticed that his entire world had changed. His application said "Let's shoot some stuff together" and that was it. We did a quick interview on him and his story seemed legit enough to warrant an invite to join our corp. He was a 2010 toon with about 50 million sp, so the risk vs payout of having a strong toon added to corp was worth the risk that he might steal a measly 50 million in ships and mods.

All that being said, I still didn't trust him. I don't really trust anyone, but definitely not this situation. Something in my gut didn't feel right, but we still decided to allow him to join.

Being a director or a member of corporation with the proper roles/access, you can see where everyone in your corporation is currently located. After I accepted his application I watched in the corporation window to see where he would go. He was only one jump away from our home system, so logic would dictate that he would go to our home system to join his new corp mates. Nah... that'd be too easy.

Instead he was 3 jumps in the other direction, then 8, then 20, then 40. At this point I knew exactly what was going on so I started a private conversation with him ( I wish I would have thought to copy it but it's too late now). Anyways it went something like this:

Me: Hey, I've got a question for you, and I'd like a no bullshit answer. I'm pretty sure I know what's going on, but wanted to confirm. Did you join our corporation just so you could safely pass through Catch to go and rejoin your old corp? 

Him: Yeah I did

Me: Cool, that's what I thought. Thanks for the straight up answer. I'm not upset at all, and since you were straight with me I won't remove you from corp until you've had a chance to move all your stuff out. 

Him: Cool, I appreciate that. I've already got all my stuff out. 

Me: Awesome, if you don't need to be a member anymore I'm going to go ahead and remove you from our corp but no hard feelings at all. 

Him: Thanks, you guys seem like a good bunch, but I'm not a fan of your overlords.

Me: We just rent a system, we haven't known our "overlords" long enough to like them or hate them. 

Him: I appreciate you allowing me to join to get my stuff out, I'll come back some day and pew pew some of your enemies for you to say thanks. 

The conversation went on for a bit, and we continued to chat throughout the day. Eventually we decided we had to remove him from our group chat channel, just to protect intel, but all in all it was an interesting experience.


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