Friday, July 19, 2013

Eve Online: Sacrificing Your Ship

Yesterday a neut in an Iteron V was passing through a nearby system while I was hanging out cloaked in my stealth bomber. My mouth started to salivate and I realized he was about 40km from my.  I was barely out of point range, but I knew that if he warped straight to the next gate there would be a stop bubble and he'd be caught by it. I decided to stay cloaked and watch to see if he would warp straight to the next gate or if he'd warp to a celestial first and then to the gate.

If he was going to a celestial first, I would wait on the other side of the next gate and grab him then, otherwise I would meet him at the bubble.

Sure enough he warped straight to the next gate, so off I went in pursuit. At the time of my warp there were no other neuts in system so I was pretty confident I'd have no problems taking down this Iteron and getting away. As is customary with my luck, while I was in warp two neuts also entered system, but at this point I didn't know if they were behind me, or in front of me at the next gate.

I come out of warp to see the Iteron stuck exactly where I expected him to be, looking like a steak dinner after only eating ramen noodles for a month. Right when I'm about to uncloak I see a Sabre and a Navy Issue Slicer uncloak on the gate, but they're 60-70 km away from me, and I haven't uncloaked yet. I don't know if these two ships are friendlies of the Iteron or if they just happen to be passing through too, but either way I have to make a decision and fast.

I decide that I want the Iteron kill, even though that I know it will almost surely end with the death of my Nemesis. I uncloak, target, paint, point, launch torpedoes. I didn't have time to get into bombing position to launch a bomb, so I was stuck using only torpedoes. A few volleys and the Iteron becomes space dust.

Right as the Iteron blows up I see that I've been warp scrammed by the Sabre and Slicer. I know at this point that I'm dead but I don't care.  I look at local and the Iteron pilot had apparently been screaming for us to spare him and his ship and was offering to pay for safe passage. Oh well, don't fly an Iteron through Null Sec without a scout.

Checked the kill mail and the two neuts were not friends of the Iteron, since they also had some damage on him too. They just happened to have dumb luck and jumped into system at the perfect time to get part of an Iteron kill and to pop my Nemesis. I wish I had that kind of luck.

Iteron was carrying about 200 million in ISK on him, plus I got to harvest a few tears. All in all, totally worth the loss of my bomber, but maybe next time I can do it without losing my own ship.

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