Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eve Online: Arazu time!

My skill queue just finished training for the Arazu, unfortunately I'm at work right now and unable to login to Eve to start outfitting it, but the anticipation is killing me. As you know if you're been reading my newbie ramblings I love flying covert ops ships and the thrill of sneaking up on someone and controlling the beginning of a fight or choosing not to fight when it's a bad idea fits my playing style.

For the last few months we have had the members of our corporation all training to fly cruisers, destroyers, and frigates to the best of their ability. We have members that have dedicated their training queues to being able to dish out the most DPS possible while still being able to tank as much as possible. We have other players that have dedicated themselves to being as fast as possible. Two of our members have dedicated to logistics and the ability to remote repair our fleet. Two members have focusing purely on interdiction cruisers and being able to use bubbles. I have spent my time working towards the Arazu to be able to provide long range tackle along with covert ops cloaking. 

We are still missing a Rapier pilot in our fleet, but we have a new minmatar pilot in our corp that we'll try to get to steer that direction if possible. Having a Rapier and an Arazu in a skirmish fleet makes for perfect tackling abilities. 

All in all we have the makings of a solid skirmish gang. About a dozen other members of our corp either already can fly a stealth bomber or will be able to in a few days/weeks. After I finish training my Arazu skills up higher to at least level 4 for most skills, and cyno field theory up to level 5, I'll begin working towards the Black Ops Sin so that we can begin to hotdrop or simply travel farther distances with more ease. 

Here is the Arazu fit I plan to install on my ship when I get home tonight, feedback is welcome:


  • Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
  • Covert Cynosural Field Generator I
  • 2 - 250mm Railgun II 

  • 2- Remote Sensor Dampener II
  • 2- Warp Disruptor II
  • 10MN Afterburner II
  • Sensor Booster II

  • 2- Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
  • 800mm Reinforced Steel Plates II
  • Damage Control II

  • 2- Medium Inverted Signal Field Projector I

This gives me just over 20,000 EHP so that I can de-cloak, point, and hold my target long enough for everyone else to warp to me (or cyno in). This ship is NOT designed to put out very much DPS, but it should be able to tank a decent amount of damage, long enough for your friends to arrive. I'm hoping that the remote sensor dampeners will also prevent most people from being able to target me, thus also reducing the possibility of taking damage. 

If I'm able to warp scram you at 40km away, and put 2 remote sensor dampeners on you, I'm hoping that my 460 m/s speed will be fast enough to stay away from some of the larger ships out there. I understand that without webbing my target, there is a good chance that many of my targets will be able to escape, which is why we need a rapier pilot in our gang as well. It's either that or I commit to web/scram on this ship but be forced to stay within 10km. If I did that I would remove the remote sensor dampeners and replace them with webbers. 



  1. I've been trying to put my thoughts into a cohesive response.

    I don't think this is the best fit for this goal or even the best ship for it. Are you planning to blops solo cruisers? If you are pointing and activating a cyno you're not going to be moving. I'm just struggling with the AB on this fit and using it as cyno bait as not being the best choice or focus for this ship or that situation.

    1. I don't have the experience to speak from a point of authority on this. All I have is from what i've learned reading online, and talking to some blops fleets. It appears they use the Recon ships to decloak, tackle, and drop covert cyno while the rest of the fleet jumps in. The Arazu doesn't need to much aside from tackle, keep tackle, drop cyno, and live.

      I am already adjusting my fit since i posted this. I don't like the afterburner on this either. If I can remote sensor dampen effectively, warp scram from 40+ km away, then I think a MWD may be ok to help me kite.

      As soon as I die, or succeed, I'll post an update on this.