Friday, July 5, 2013

Eve Online: Back in Null Sec

Do you own a pair of jeans or a favorite shirt that if given the choice you will always choose first? You know the ones I mean, and depending on your taste they might be brand new or if you're more like me they are years old, worn in, and likely have some wear and tear and likely have a few holes in them. You put them on and they fit so perfect you don't even have to look in the mirror to see how they look.

That's the feeling I had when we finally got back to null sec. We have recently been staying in high sec for a week due to corporation mergers and needing to rejoin the alliance we belong to. The week in high sec was way too long in my opinion. When our application was accepted, we had 24 hours until we were officially part of the alliance again. As soon as the "Alliance" channel popped up in the chat windows, I docked, left my ship, paused training, and jump cloned back to our home in Null.

There were three neutrals in system when I jumped in, and in high sec it's no big deal to see dozens if not hundreds of [ ] brackets in your overview without any color either positive or negative. In non high security space, neutral is as good as hostile (red/orange). The general rule is NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It). The only exception to that is when I fly with Bombers Bar which operates under the NPSI (Not Purple, Shoot It), purple being the standard color for members in your own fleet. You might be flying side by side with an enemy you can't stand, but if they're purple you put aside your differences for the fleet.

I don't currently have a scanning ship out in null sec, my last one got blown up at a huge gate camp. I even used: Align, MWD, Cloak, and after a few thousand meters slightly changed directions so they couldn't predict which direction I'd be going in, and they stills swarmed me with two dozens ships and hundreds of drones, found me, and popped me.

The jump bridge is supposed to be up and running now that will reduce the number of jumps it takes to make it back to high sec down to three jumps instead of 15 or so. I need to sell about a billion in loot and even though I have a blockade runner, I would rather use a jump bridge than risk the gate camps with that much loot. I'm still not sure "how" to use a jump bridge, but I think I figured it out. I fly up to one the other day, right clicked on it, and it said "Jump to XXX" where ever it was connected to. I know fuel is involved, but I'm not quite sure how the mechanics of that whole thing work. I'm sure I'll figure it out the hard way in the next day or so.

The sense of being in constant danger has returned, which is good because without it I would surely die. In high sec you're told not to trust anyone, in null sec this is amplified a hundred times over. People have alts on both sides of wars/alliances and even though you think you're talking to a fellow alliance member, you very well could be talking to the guy that camps your station daily and tries to cyno hotdrop anyone that engages him.

Ahhh, all the death, intrigue, and heighten sense of fear... It's good to be home. :)

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