Friday, June 14, 2013

Eve Online: Null Sec Wormholes

Wormholes in Null Sec can be a blessing and a curse. Lately they've been a blessing for us but after spending a month living in one, I also understand how dangerous having a wormhole entrance in your system can be. 

Wormholes exist all over the universe and can take you anywhere. Each type of wormhole has a classification that will dictate whether or not it leads to high sec, low sec, null sec, or another wormhole. Wormholes typically last 18-24 hours before collapsing due to time, but they can also collapse from having too much mass pass through them. You can check out for more detailed information on wormholes, I'm just going to talk about living in null sec and the impact of having wormholes in or near your home system. 

One of the main challenges I've discovered while living in null sec is how to sell all the loot that I earn from ratting or PvP'ing. There is a really nice trade hub nearby and you can buy and sell tech 2 gear pretty easily, but almost all of your tech 1 loot is worthless in null sec. There are very few buy orders for tech 1 gear and the few there are offer pathetic ISK for your loot. I had almost 800 million ISK in loot sitting in my hangar and I had to figure out how I was going to sell that loot without losing too much profit or risk losing it all to a gate camp. To sell your loot you have a few options:

  1. Load up a ship and haul as much as you're comfortable risking and make a break for high sec. Blockade runners are good for this, but still not a guarantee you're not going to get bubbled and ganked on the way. 
  2. Hire a jump freighter to haul your loot for you. At around 200-250 isk per m3, plus 7-10 million for the trip, this may not be the best way if you don't have a lot of ISK. If you want to send 100,000 m3, you'll be paying around 30-40 million ISK to transport your goods. Not horrible, but that's 40 million you could have had in your wallet. Plus you need to know a jump freighter to do this for you. 
  3. If your alliance has a jump bridge you can use, this can knock out a decent chunk of hostile space that you would have to traverse. We'll have one readily available in about 2-3 weeks, and I can't wait to use it. You load up some fuel in your cargo to operate the jump bridge, along with all your loot, jump to a system near high sec and continue the rest of the way on foot. Not risk free, but much better than making 10, 20, or 50 jumps to try and sell your loot. 
  4. The last way to move your stuff to high sec would be to find a nearby wormhole to highsec or near high sec. 
We recently had a wormhole in our system that took us 3 jumps from Dodixie. It was bloody perfect. Obviously we won't be so lucky all the time, but this time it definitely ideal. I was able to fly to dodixie, buy a blockade runner (because I didn't have one yet), go back to our system and load it up and sell all my unwanted loot. I probably could have grabbed an Iteron V instead of a blockade runner to carry more stuff, but we're at war right now and high sec is crawling with war targets. I didn't want to grab anything that could get ganked easily by pirates or popped by war targets. 

There are things you can do to make it so wormholes appear in your system more often. If you install a Quantum Flux Generator on your infrastructure hub in your system, it will increase the chance of wormholes being present in your system. This is a danger game to play, and I don't actually recommend it, but it has its advantages as well. 

People live in wormholes and they need to get out and conduct their business as well, which means they could be entering your system frequently.  If you constantly have a wormhole in your system, you are opening it up for invasion on a regular basis, sometimes friendly, most of the time not. It all depends if you think high traffic is a good thing or not. With all the new hype around exploration, everyone is scanning like a fiend and tons of newbies are getting introduced to exploration, which includes wormholes. This could bring more people to shoot at into our system, very likely unprepared for a fight if they're coming from high sec. If they're coming from Low sec, Null Sec, or WH space, I would assume they are prepared for a fight. 

Overall, I don't recommend installing the quantum flux generator, because too much traffic is a bad thing, but having the occasional wormhole in system or nearby can be advantageous if you need a quick jump to somewhere far away. 


  1. You don't need fuel in your cargo to use a jump bridge. On average it reduces the number of jumps you have to make by half.

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