Friday, June 7, 2013

Eve Online: Null Sec Politics and Renting

First off, scan ships are freaking everywhere! Ever since the Odyssey release everyone is out in force in whatever scanning ship they can get their hands on.  I flew threw high sec the other day and there were scan probes in almost every system on the overview. This is happening in Null sec as well, just not as much. I think it's actually caused the gate camps to slow down in our sector a bit, because all the campers want to play with their new shiny toy for a bit first. I'm sure the gate camps will be back in full force here soon, probably by this weekend.

I've been playing with the new changes as well. I personally like the mini game for hacking, it adds something to the hacking experience that was lacking. It may not be perfect, but I like it. I had to accidentally blow up a few derelict ships before I figured it out, but I think I've got the hang of it now.

One of the annoying things that is becoming more and more apparent in null sec is since we're just renting our system, that other blues in our alliance think they can come into our system and run our anomalies. I actually don't care if they run the Sansha sites or even if they do some ratting on the belts, for the most it's actually good for our system and they respawn fast. What I do mind though, is when people come in and try to steal our Ladar/Gas sites and Data sites. Those don't currently respawn immediately since our industry index isn't high enough and we haven't paid for the upgrade. There isn't any alliance wide notification or place someone can look to see that XXX-123 system is being rented by to So-And-So, so please don't use their resources without their permission.

Sure, we tell them that we're paying rent and therefore own the rights to run the sites of this system, some of them say "oh ok" and leave, but some just ignore us and keep going.  My compliant really is that we are paying 2 billion ISK a month I have no clue now what that ISK is getting us. They don't protect us from people invading our system, other people can come in and apparently run our sites, and even neutrals apparently have the ability to dock at our station, so what's the point? We could just be members of the alliance and camp in a system.

I understand that the Alliance doesn't want to respond to every roaming gang looking for a fight, but when 15-20 neuts or hostiles are sitting in our system camping our gates and our outpost and we report it to the alliance and they say "So, what do you want us to do about it? Just undock and kill them."

Fine, we don't get any protection, whatever. I can live with that as long as there isn't a huge fleet in our system just sitting there, what I think is stupid is that they don't protect their own systems either. Gate camps regularly happen all over our region and nobody appears to do anything about it. Sure people report it, but nothing gets done. We've asked them if anyone is going to do anything about the enemy fleet/gang in XXX system and they say "if we go fight them, they'll know they can find a fight with us, so they'll keep coming back"...... Yeah no shit, but shouldn't you defend your own space and if you can't defend it, why do you own it? Just so you can say "We own 50 systems.... blah blah blah, but we can't defend any of them from roaming gangs". I think there should a standing fleet that you can join, that monitors the intelligence channels looking for enemy gate camps, and it's whole purpose is to remove intruders.

I've seen our big fleet mobilize and it's awesome and very organized. When they put their mind to something, they crush their opponents. It's getting them to put their minds to it that's the problem.

I'm sure there is logic in the "If we go destroy their gate camp of 5 ships with a fleet of 10 ships, they'll come back with 20 ships", but isn't that a good thing? Then we come back with 40 ships, and they come back with 80, etc. etc. I'm sure there would be a lot more cyno hot drops and traps if they knew we'd try to come and crash their camp, but something should be done from time to time so they know they can't just sit in our system with 20 interdiction bubbles up, cargo containers spread all over the place to decloak us, and 20-30 enemies just killing anyone that passes through OUR system.

I'll give it another month or two, but right now I think it's ridiculous how much our rent really gets us. I'm sure this is just because I'm a noob, but I'd love to hear from other people how they handle people renting their systems and what the ISK actually buys the renter.

Ok I'm done whining. Venting session over.


  1. Sounds like you guys got the crappy end of the stick in terms of a rental agreement. Ours is very much the opposite, in almost every way. Does your rental agreement cover ratting and anoms and sigs and ice mining, etc, and what can be run where?

    1. Our rental agreement does cover ratting and anomalies, but if they want to occasionally come in and run one of our grav sites they reserve the right to. there isn't any ice in our system, but we are welcome to ice mine in the systems that do have it.

      Like you said, it's all about the arrangement and fine tuning the details. I don't think we knew the right questions to ask when we got started. I like our system, the closeness to a trade hub that has lots to sell, but we are in a very high traffic area for enemies coming through our system. I guess this could be seen as a good or a bad thing.

      Right now we're not super strong PvP corp but we can hold our own against small gangs. Maybe in another month or two we'll decide to move or maybe we'll end up loving all the enemy traffic. Trust me, if we start shopping for another system to live in, i'll be emailing you to talk details :)

  2. I thought the whole idea of renting was paying someone else to take care of your security and giving you access to a system and ownership of all anomalies inside(except escalations of course).

    If they want you to defend your own space then what do you pay rent for? Access rights? I assume those neuts camping you in system didn't pay the alliance for access rights to farm renters.

    1. It depends entirely on the rental agreement in place. Some rental alliances don't have any restrictions on where you can rat/run anoms/sigs/whatever, others have partial restrictions and still others have what you described.

      As for defending your space, that, too, depends on the agreement. Some landlords want the tenant to handle the small stuff (a relative term) and others will handle everything.

      As with everything in EvE, it pays to ask lots of questions first :)

    2. Who are you renting from.. .I am interested in renting an upgraded system in null to do ratting and mining... can you give me some more info please

    3. Xavier, Most major alliances have what are called renter alliances as part of their alliance.

      I was renting from Initiative when I used to rent, and the renter alliance I belonged to was Initiative Associates. If you want to rent a fully upgraded system, it will cost you a lot of ISK for sure. If it's just you that is looking to do some ratting and mining, I would check out and find an area you want to live in, and contact the owner of that system and either attempt to join their corporation, or if you have a corporation join their alliance and pay them ISK to rent a system.

      The best way to get started renting is to just contact a major alliance in a region you want to live in,and ask them what options they have for renting systems.